Get A Newly Refurbished Wheel Without Removing Your Own First

Reconditioned Steering Wheels

Reconditioned steering wheels are a great way to avoid even a few days of not being able to drive your vehicle.
Imagine, you have your perfect steering wheel design but due to any number of reasons, can’t have the car off the road for any length of time. That’s where we step in by sourcing a high quality replacement steering wheel, ensuring it’s in tiptop condition before we even start. From here we can take your design and fabricate your perfect refurbished, retrimmed or entirely custom steering wheel. During all of this your car is still in your possession and once we’ve completed the manufacturing process, either you can visit us for fitting or we’ll send your steering wheel securely via courier to be fitted either by yourself or a nearby professional at a time suited to yourself, as quick & easy as that.

What Are The Benefits Of A Refurbished Wheel?

We’re constantly developing new techniques keeping us up-to-date with new modern day materials and ensuring our quality is second to none, so give us a call or email today, to see just how Pride Car Customs can help turn your vehicle into your ultimate ride.

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Pride Car Customs are aware that the difference between something good and something great is the attention to detail, precise workmanship, superior quality tools and materials and a passion for creating perfection. That’s what we do.

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