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What is Hydrodipping?

Hydrodipping, or water transfer printing is the process of applying printed designs to three-dimensional surfaces. This process can be applied to almost any 3D object that will survive being submerged in water; from metal and wood to plastic and glass.
Our most commonly hydrodipped parts are typically interior trim, such as dashboards, facias and inserts and these can be decorated with almost any design.
Popular designs include carbon and camouflage effect across a varying range of colours. 

Things to consider before Hydrodipping

Condition of your part – is the part in suitable condition to be dipped or will it require more extensive preparation work beyond standard which may add cost and time?
The material of your part – will the material survive being dunked in water?
Your chosen colours & patterns.
The final finish, whether you want matte, gloss or satin.

How does it work?

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